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Gooses Reef Bottom Sensor Now Reporting Data

The Dominion Gooses Reef CBIBS buoy is the first location in the system to also include the capability to monitor water quality at the Bay bottom.

The buoy also includes a separate piece of equipment that is located under the buoy, seated on the seafloor. This water-quality sensor "talks" to the main Gooses Reef buoy as a radio transmission, and then this data is sent along to the CBIBS database along with the data from the main buoy. The CBIBS website, toll-free phone number, and smartphone app simply pull data from this database when it is requested.

As with any new application of technology, the CBIBS team needed to fine-tune a few things along the way. Determining just how far away from the main buoy the bottom sensor should be located was the first; tweaking the modem settings in the bottom sensor was the second. The team tackled the modem challenge on a chilly early December day—thanks to the field crew for standing up to the weather to make this great new feature operational.