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Annapolis - AN

Near Annapolis, MD

Geolocation is 38.9631, -76.4475

Data in red are more than 12 hours old.
Parameter Group Sort Value Unit Date Graphs
Current SpeedCurrents40.166kts2021-07-27 20:24 EDT1 7 30
Current DirectionCurrents4321Deg. Mag.2021-07-27 20:24 EDT1 7 30
LongitudePosition5-76.44685Degrees2021-07-27 20:24 EDT1 7 30
Wave Direction (From)Waves3161Deg. Mag.2021-07-27 20:24 EDT1 7 30
Barometric PressureMeteorological130.0inches2021-07-27 20:24 EDT1 7 30
Air TemperatureMeteorological181.3F2021-07-27 20:24 EDT1 7 30
LatitudePosition538.96366Degrees2021-07-27 20:24 EDT1 7 30
Significant Wave HeightWaves30.66ft2021-07-27 20:24 EDT1 7 30
Mean Wave PeriodWaves32.6s2021-07-27 20:24 EDT1 7 30
Water SalinityWaterQuality27.8PSU2021-07-27 20:24 EDT1 7 30
Water TemperatureWaterQuality282.4F2021-07-27 20:24 EDT1 7 30
Wind DirectionMeteorological1191Deg. Mag.2021-07-27 20:24 EDT1 7 30
Wind SpeedMeteorological13.1kts2021-07-27 20:24 EDT1 7 30
Wind GustMeteorological15.4kts2021-07-27 20:24 EDT1 7 30
Sea Nettle ProbabilityWaterQuality217%2021-07-27 20:24 EDT1 7 30

"The western shore by which we sailed we found all along well watered, but very mountainous and barren, the valleys very fertile, but extreme thick of small wood so well as trees and much frequented with wolves, bears, deer, and other wild beasts." - Captain John Smith, 1608

Today, Annapolis is a major hub for recreational boating and is home to the U.S. Naval Academy. The natural harbor early settlers enjoyed that is now downtown Annapolis is evident on NOAA charts for the area.

Visit the buoy from several parks that are a short boat ride away, including Jonas Green and Sandy Point.

Be sure to check the weather forecast before you head out.

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