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Gooses Reef - GR

Off the Mouth of the Little Choptank River

Geolocation is 38.5563, -76.4147

Data in red are more than 12 hours old.
Parameter Group Sort Value Unit Date Graphs
Wind GustMeteorological110.5kts2021-07-27 20:36 EDT1 7 30
Wind DirectionMeteorological1179Deg. Mag.2021-07-27 20:36 EDT1 7 30
Wind SpeedMeteorological18.2kts2021-07-27 20:36 EDT1 7 30
Sea Nettle ProbabilityWaterQuality264%2021-07-27 20:36 EDT1 7 30
Barometric PressureMeteorological130.0inches2021-07-27 20:36 EDT1 7 30
Air TemperatureMeteorological181.3F2021-07-27 20:36 EDT1 7 30
Chlorophyll AWaterQuality24.80ug/L2021-07-27 20:36 EDT1 7 30
Dissolved OxygenWaterQuality210.14mg/L2021-07-27 20:36 EDT1 7 30
Current SpeedCurrents42.373kts2021-07-27 20:36 EDT1 7 30
Current DirectionCurrents4216Deg. Mag.2021-07-27 20:36 EDT1 7 30
LatitudePosition538.55635Degrees2021-07-27 20:36 EDT1 7 30
LongitudePosition5-76.41462Degrees2021-07-27 20:36 EDT1 7 30
Wave Direction (From)Waves3220Deg. Mag.2021-07-27 20:36 EDT1 7 30
Significant Wave HeightWaves30.49ft2021-07-27 20:36 EDT1 7 30
Mean Wave PeriodWaves31.7s2021-07-27 20:36 EDT1 7 30
Water SalinityWaterQuality211.3PSU2021-07-27 20:36 EDT1 7 30
Water TemperatureWaterQuality282.9F2021-07-27 20:36 EDT1 7 30
TurbidityWaterQuality21NTU2021-07-27 20:36 EDT1 7 30

Captain John Smith and his crew passed by Gooses Reef several times on their two exploratory voyages in the Chesapeake Bay. At that time -- 400 years ago -- the area likely featured a large oyster reef reaching nearly to the surface.

Today, the buoy location is the site of an innovative restoration project, marked on NOAA charts as a fish haven. Rubble from what was the Woodrow Wilson Bridge was placed on the bottom here to create habitat, thanks to support from the Dominion Foundation and the Maryland Artificial Reef Initiative.

The buoy is in the middle of the Bay in a fairly wide part of the estuary, west of the mouth of the Eastern Shore's Little Choptank River and east of Dares Beach, Maryland.

Be sure to check the weather forecast before you head out.

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