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New CBIBS Audio, Text Commemorate War of 1812

This year the nation commemorates the bicentennial of the start of the War of 1812, which saw conflict between the young United States and Great Britain that lasted through 1815. The Chesapeake Bay was a significant theater during the war, featuring efforts including Joshua Barney's Chesapeake Bay Flotilla and significant events like the Burning of Washington.

Many skirmishes and battles on the Chesapeake Bay took place near CBIBS buoy locations. To highlight this history, CBIBS partnered with the National Park Service to record information about the War near eight CBIBS buoys (Jamestown and Stingray Point are the two exceptions). The voice behind the audio is Victor Markland, who works at Fort McHenry National Monument and Historic Site in Baltimore. 

To hear or read this information, simply click to a buoy's individual page, then click on the "information" tab. Audio and text are available next to "History: War of 1812." The audio is also available via toll-free 877-BUOY-BAY in the "geographic information" slot for each of the relevant buoys.

The National Park Service's Star-Spangled Banner National Historic Trail features information on the history and culture of the Chesapeake area during the War of 1812. 

Events June 1-12 in Norfolk and June 13-19 in Baltimore including open houses of NOAA research vessels will commemorate the bicentennial of the War.