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CBIBS Spring 2022 System Plans

***UPDATE as of 4/28/22: The Jamestown location is now reporting meteorological and current conditions. Water-quality data will come after June 1 when a new sensor is deployed.***

***UPDATE as of 4/22/22: Both the First Landing and Jamestown buoys have been put back in the water, but their on board computers are not yet operational. Our team plans to get out to both locations the week of April 25 (weather/conditions permitting, especially at the very-exposed First Landing location) to assess issues and make repairs.***

***UPDATE as of 4/1/22: Due to an extended period of weather conditions that do not support on-the-water work, we now anticipate deploying the First Landing and Jamestown buoys in mid-April.***

As air and water temperatures start to warm, we’re all eager to get back out on the Chesapeake Bay. Looking ahead to the 2022 buoy season, CBIBS intends to operate CBIBS buoys at eight locations.

Working with our partners at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science, the CBIBS buoy team plans to redeploy two buoys (bringing the number in the water to seven), likely by the end of March, at:

We will continue to maintain buoys at:

We will deploy an eighth buoy this summer. The exact location for this buoy has yet to be determined, but it will be somewhere in Maryland waters north of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.

In other buoy news, we anticipate reinstalling wave sensors at all locations by early summer. Last fall, we discovered that water was leaking through some of the housings that hold the wave sensors, which could severely damage these instruments. We worked with the manufacturer to develop a new housing, which we are currently testing at the Annapolis and York Spit buoys.