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Spring 2021 CBIBS Plans

This time of year, there’s more daylight every day, and boaters around the Bay look forward to time on the water. While early spring boating can be a delight, it’s important to consider weather conditions and water temperatures before you head out on the water. While air temperatures may seem milder and inviting, at CBIBS buoys in the water, as of March 1, water temperatures are still only in the upper 30s or low 40s. Be sure to take proper safety precautions for cold-water boating.

Looking ahead, the CBIBS field team plans to operate six buoys in 2021. As of early March, the Gooses Reef, York Spit, and Potomac locations are in the water and reporting current conditions. 

We plan to redeploy two CBIBS buoys in spring 2021. We anticipate being able to redeploy the Annapolis CBIBS buoy by mid-March. The Stingray Point buoy will follow in late March or April.

In summer 2021, we plan to deploy a sixth buoy at the Jamestown location. 

We appreciate that buoys formerly deployed in other locations were much used by people for a range of uses—from fishing to sailing to paddling and much more. Our resources for 2021 define the number of buoys we can deploy and maintain.