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BUOY UPDATE: AN, J to Be Pulled for Winter, SR Redeployment Plans

As winter--and cold air and water temperatures--fast approaches, the CBIBS team is making moves to keep buoys safe from potential ice damage. The Jamestown buoy will be pulled during the week of December 9; the Annapolis buoy the week of December 16. Exact dates will depend on weather conditions to ensure a safe pull for both the buoy and the technicians. Plans are to redeploy the buoys in late winter/early spring once water temperatures have warmed.

While the team is in Virginia to pull the Jamestown buoy, they will redeploy the Stingray Point buoy. That buoy had separated from its mooring and had been retrieved by the U.S. Coast Guard. Repairs have been made and the buoy will be redeployed with the intention of keeping it in over the winter.