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The Water's Cold...and Getting Colder!

Much of the Chesapeake region is facing close to a week of air temperatures below 32 degrees. Those sustained cold air temperatures are causing water temperatures to tumble, too. While the freezing point of fresh water is 32 degrees, the point at which water in the Chesapeake Bay will freeze can vary due to salinity levels. The saltier the water, the lower the temperature at which it will freeze. You can track current water temperatures and water freezing points at CBIBS buoys in the Bay (remember, though, that the northernmost buoys have been pulled for the season to keep them safe from potential ice damage). 

The National Ice Center--a collaborative effort of the U.S. Navy, NOAA, and U.S. Coast Guard--tracks ice conditions, usually in the Arctic and Antarctic. But when conditions warrant, they produce products on other areas experiencing icing. You can see their maps on where ice is in the Chesapeake Bay at the National Ice Center's Seasonal Products/Chesapeake Bay page. Set your start and end date for a search, and be sure to select "all" in the "Sub Areas" section, hit "submit," and you'll be able to click on links to see images of their analysis based on satellite observations.