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New VCU Rice Rivers Center Buoy Delivers Data from James River via CBIBS

Through a unique partnership with the Virginia Commonwealth University, real-time data from a new buoy in the James River is now available via the Chesapeake Bay Interpretive Buoy System. This data will provide essential information for scientists and decisionmakers about the James River, the Bay, and the living resources that depend on them; boaters who want to check out conditions on the James; educators and students who want to learn more about the Chesapeake; and many others.

The Virginia Commonwealth University’s Rice Rivers Center buoy, located upstream from the CBIBS Jamestown buoy, is stationed near Charles City, Virginia. Like the 10 CBIBS buoys, this buoy—the “RC” buoy on the maps on www.buoybay.noaa.gov—provides a wealth of real-time information about local weather, oceanographic (waves, currents) and water-quality conditions.

Data from the VCU Rice Rivers Center buoy, which is owned and maintained by VCU, is available at www.buoybay.noaa.gov or via the free CBIBS smartphone apps for Android and iPhone