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Farewell to the Norfolk CBIBS Buoy

In order to prepare for its deployment in a new location, the CBIBS Norfolk buoy will be pulled from operations on Saturday, May 14.

The “N” buoy was originally deployed in the Elizabeth River off Norfolk in 2008 in partnership with Nauticus. It has tracked data at that location nearly seamlessly since that time. 

NOAA will relocate the buoy to York Spit, near the mouth of the York River, in order to improve NOAA’s observational capabilities closer to the main stem of the Chesapeake Bay. The N buoy will be refurbished, given a new name, and redeployed at its new location off York Spit this summer.

For constituents seeking information on conditions in the area, the National Data Buoy Center shares data from fixed water-level monitoring stations buoys located nearby: