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Investigations based on CBIBS data

Scientists measure Bay water temperatures, turbidity (clearness of the water), and other "indicators" to monitor the health of the Chesapeake Bay. "Indicators" give us information about the quality of Bay waters. If you have ever wondered how muddy waters impact underwater plants in the Chesapeake, or how steamy summer temperatures affect water quality, explore the interactive investigations below. These short activities use real-time and stored data to help you answer these and other water quality questions.

Investigating Temperature

We all know that air and water temperatures in the Bay region vary by season and location. Do these temperature fluctuations affect water quality? And how do these changes affect life in the Chesapeake?

Investigating Turbidity

The turbidity of the Bay's water affects life above and below the surface. What is turbidity and how is it measured? What do changes in turbidity mean for the health of the Bay? And how does turbidity impact a Chesapeake Bay tradition: The Bernie Fowler Wade-in?